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Default Don Musso and Super Strike Lures

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Don Musso and Super Strike Lures

By Frank Pintauro for
April 2008

Don Musso’s body of work straddles “The Golden Age of Surfcasting” and the “Age of Modern Plastics.” Throughout that time his lures have caught more bass and blues than we could ever imagine, and his innovative designs have spawned a whole new generation of makers. This staying power has quite simply made him this generation’s “Stan Gibbs.” It is time for him to take his place as one of the great saltwater lure makers of all time. Last August we finally got a chance to sit down with Don, and what follows is an edited version of that interview.
Don Musso and superstrike - url disabled part 1

FP: What influenced you to start getting into plug making?
DM: Really… just fellas I was fishing with. I would hand-carve my own plugs, and guys would encourage me to go into business. In 1960 a couple of guys introduced me to Dan Pichney. We hit it off as far as friends and fished together for years. In 1966 Dan bought a wood lathe and encouraged me to buy one so we could start making plugs together. From that time on, that’s what we did.
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