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Default Re: Advice on using lures???

So you wanna step into the dark side? Pluggin a fish will make you forget bait, spend your mortgage money at tackle shops and cause you to become sleep deprived. One day you'll look back and find 26 plano deep boxes stuffed to capacity and wonder what the hell happened.

1st, get a basic stick type swim bait, like a Rebel jointed in Black/gold, and Black/silver. These lures require little if any extra technique other than a steady retrieve. Vary the speeds. Start as slow as it takes to get them swimming, and progressively increase speeds on subsquent casts.
try stop and go if steady aint doin it. Work the edges of structure and outside of rips or white water.

Get a couple of metal lip swimmers. My favorites are the more natural colors like olive green. Most of these are best worked slowly at the surface so as to give off a wake as they swim. Do not discount a faster deeper diving retrieve however.

To be specific, and I would buy this one first. NorthBar Bottle Darters have been slammin fish for me since I got my first one. My skishing, and surf bag are never without at least one of these and usually more than one. Start with the Olive backed with pink stripe, then get the white with pink stripe. Move on to the Blue Mackeral, and the Bunker paint schemes. Day or night, fast water or slack I've been getting fish on these fish catchin machines. Start with a slow retrieve in a current all the way up to a rippin fast as you can in slack water.

Paddle tail rubba is another lure that is also cast and reel. Cast it out and try differant speeds and depths.

As above castmasters or other metals can be worked in all depths by allowing them to sink, or retrieving when it hits the water.

Poppers are almost idiot proof and will catch fish whether your fishing an all out blitz or just working the water with exploritory casting. Let them hit the water and snap the tip of your rod as you reel. Try stop and go's with 2 or 3 pops with a stop, wait a few seconds or all the way up to 10. Make sure you feel the fish when you set. If it is a miss or a common tail slap, stop and wait. After a few seconds give it a couple of quick pops and wait again.

Good luck.......
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