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Default Re: Casting Distance Issue

Originally Posted by JMark View Post

Kind of a dumb question, but im notcing im having a hell of a time launching any plugs under 2.5oz or so with my 650ssm and 65lb braid on my 11' rod. , just seems like the lack of weight is preventing me from really getting them far.

Any suggestions?

I have an 850SS and an 850ssm that I use with my 10'6 St Croix and 11' Okuma off the beach for slinging 3-4 oz of weight plus bait with. I'd try something a little smaller for throwing 1-2 oz plugs, a rod in the 7-8' range and a smaller reel would work much better for ya. I use braid for my heavier applications but for throwing small plugs/lures I usually just stick to 12-15 lb mono. Not completely familair with the 650 series but I know how heavy both my 850's are, so I'd imagine the 650 is a bit heavy for what you're trying to use it for. Also, and I am 1/2 speculating here, but the 850ssm is NOTORIOUS for having issues with mysterious bail closings, so be careful with that 650. Never used the 650 myself so it might not be a problem, but I'm ready to toss my 850 in the drink I've snapped off so many times. Good luck man, hope this helped.
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