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Thanks guy's, not brillant, when I built it it was out of nessesity, I cut the head off of a # 10 or 1/4" lag screw (depending on what I'm turning)and insert it in the center of the work piece to drive the turning, also I forgot to mention I screw a straight piece of 3/8 stock 3/8" below the top as guide foo the router, this keeps the router from jumping around and going out of control, the drill is also plugged into a variable speed foot pedal, mainly as a safety so I cn stop the late from turning by stepping off of the pedal, and did I mention to use a 1/4" collet and straight bit in the roto zip, small bits break to eaisily..

when turning soft wood like ceder remove small amounts of stock at a time,it is tempting to take more but not worth it, or the wood cuts so eaisily it will splinter, after you practice you'll get the technique, one more thing, when turning 2 0r more plugs at once, work back and forth so you create even wood removal on all the turnings, this keeps the wood from breaking or turning unevenly, check the tail stock from time to time, make sure the point is secure in the end, if it becomes a little worn tighten it up a tad....

hopefully these tip hep out...

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