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Default Homemade lathe...

OK as promised I'll give some photo's of my homemade plug lathe/rod wrapper, she's not pretty but it will get the job done until you get a "real" lathe...

the bed is 3/4" plywood, the fixed rail is 3/4" maple (pine will do) the headstock is 3/4 maple and the removable tail stock is 2" pine witha length of 3/8" threaded rod ground to a point, a pair of wing nuts lock it in the posistion you want...

power comes from an 3/4" variable speed drill....

the three shots show the beggining of the process, once the stock is sized the the largest diameter you will turn a line is drwn down and a template is tacked to the bed, the template is drawn on 1/4" plywood

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