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Default Re: Guntersville AL, Turbines

Hi Gentlemen Dont forget to access the forecast / prediction link on the navigation bar. The TVa has reliable real time info your looking for

The gunterville link is in the drop down menu lower right

Originally Posted by Striperlover
Does anyone know if there is a problem with the number 1 turbine at the dam? ....they are not running the number 1 at all. This makes for some horrible fishing from the bank at the dam.
Just thought I would check in and see if anyone from this area had heard anything
This is just speculation on my part but elevations are lowered on weekdays During the late spring and summer, TVA varies the elevation of Guntersville Reservoir to aid in controlling mosquito populations. Elevations are lowered during the week and raised a foot on weekends to strand mosquito eggs and larvae on the shoreline. There may be more info at the Army corps link that will shed some light on the situation. If you find out anything post it wont you? Thanks
Good luck with the fishing.
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