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Well, First things first:
Bait, congratulations on actually catching a fish on one of my plugs, I know how hard that can be! That Danny is a copy of someone's copy of a Beachmaster, and yes it rolls, and will roll out in a good current, where I fish, I just drag it slow on top, slinky like a snake, making a wake. I haven't caught on it yet, 'cause all the fishing has been in broad daylight with the bass crashing bunker pods, right in front of you, if you're lucky. My pencil poppers have been getting a workout ( The one's I managed not to lose)
I hope to try it out soon at night after the silly blitz fishing is over.

I have to admit that I have not even taken Roc's plug out of the bag it was shipped in, I will fish it, but so far I'm having too much fun showing it to people who might recognize it for what it is, and watch them go "OoooH" and "Aaaaaaaah".
Jimi's, Rick's and Jolly's plugs all swim very nice, look great, and have all earned a spot in the plugbag rotation.
I will report back, after pencil-popper season goes away. It's been like this up and down the beach, find the pod of bunker with the splashes in it, and go throw pencils at it. You're probably going to catch. I went away for 4 days this week, when I got back, I went out searching, found no bait for 2 hours, pulled up at one of my usual haunts, saw bunker just out of casting distance, threw pencils till I got an 18 lb'er, bunker moved off and the fishing was over. Just like that. Great when you find them.

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