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Hey Kevin,

My name is Jeff Davis. I am an avid fisherman, fishing guide in Alaska and Michigan and own a fly fishing distributing company. I am not a guide here in Mass, but do live in Boston and think I could help out a bit. My fishing partner Joe grew up in the area and has been a real asset to my fishing success from shore in the Northeast. If you are looking for a 3rd guy with good Striper/Bluefish know how, he would also be a great asset. If 3 is too many in the boat, I would be happy to help on my own. I do not have a boat, and have much more experience fishing from shore, but I think I could be of some help. I fish from a boat exclusively in Alaska and Michigan. I am not looking for money, and would be willing to split the cost of gas with you as I have never had the opportunity to fish from a boat. I catch alot of fish from shore, and plenty of keepers. I only dream of the damage that could be done in the harbor from a boat. Let me know if you are interested. Maybe we could do a test run and see if we work well together. I am also a licensed (6 pack) captain with the U.S. Coast Guard. Contact me with any questions. I would be happy to send you some pics of some of this years fish we have caught. Talk to you soon.
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