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Default Re: Could use some advice on if I am doing it all right...

You will do fine. Just move around. Get some fly's that look like sand eels or spearing. Tie em on a leader off the tail hook of a tin. Getting that down deep will better your chances of a bass as well. A few topwater plugs and bucktails as well. You are no stranger to the water so i suspect you will intuitively know what to do when fish are presented you.. Just be safe if around the rocks. The hi low is not very practical in july as bluefish are prevalent. A free sliding sinker slide/fishfinder on the main line with an appropriate weight to hold bottom will allow your bait presentation to be taken with little resistance at first. fluking will also be good so bear that in mind with your trip. Just don't go feeling ya have to get tht bass every cast. Take what the fish gods will give you. Make your trip count and watch how the fish are being caught. Night time is the magic time to fish if you can.

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