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Default Could use some advice on if I am doing it all right...

Hey guys, I could use some advice. First and foremost I'll introduce myself to the board since you'll probably read several posts from me time to time. My name is Chris, I live in PA and am 26 years old. Grew up by the ocean and started fishing off my dad's deep sea boat at about 5-6 years old. We moved away from the ocean and I recently started to get back into the swing of ocean fishing now that the opportunity is here and my career allows me to do so. So I am not a complete stranger to saltwater fishing...

The set-up I used last year consisted of two Surf poles, 20 pound test with metal leaders since I was going after Blues. I was using a high-low rig and caught 5-6 12-13 inch blues on blood worms and killies. I was catching them so I assume I was doing things right?

This year since I have a week worth of fishing to do, I want to go after Stripers. I still have my two surf poles and I'll be putting on 20 pound test. I have two 8inch eels, Berkley saltwater shad, shad kickin live storms, two Ava 17 rigs (Green and Black), a few top waters, and the Luhr Jensen Krocodile spoon, 1oz, silver and chrome. I have various sized hooks and leaders as well. What else would you guys recomend? Or is a good basic supply?

Next thing I would like to do is tie my own high-low rig as all I have is one that a friend gave me. What pound test would be best? I ask because a buddy from work said using 20 pound would be fine and then I read that using 40-50 pound is the way to go. Or is it to each their own?

What about Float rigs and any other rigs used, what are good ones to have?

I know this is a lot but the only foolish person is the one who didn't ask, right?

Thank you for all and any advice. Maybe I'll run into some people when I am down at the beach? I'm always willing to swap war stories with Vets!
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