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Default Sealing with Pressure

Hey Fellas.

After having a few issues with the sealing techniques suggested by a few different people, I decided to try a new technique. As far as I could tell, the biggest problem with waterproofing the plug is the penetration of the sealer of choice into the wood. I think my issues stemmed from my affinity to maple (turns the best IMHO), because its closed grain and a much denser wood when compared to something like cedar. So I figured the best way to impregnate the wood was with pressure (you need a compressor). Not to say you shouldn't be careful, but this is a cheap ($10 at most), easy and safe way to totally waterproof your plugs without question. I went to Home Depot and bought an empty paint can, and then to Auto Zone for a regular replacement tire valve stem. Drill an appropriate sized hole in the middle of the top of the paint can and insert the valve stem (different stems have different diameters). Then, I sealed the stem to the can top with epoxy just to seal it twice. I made two circular clamping boards out of plywood an inch bigger than the diameter of the paint can, one with a hole in the middle for the stem to stick through. When your ready to seal, fill the can to the top of your lures with 50-50 BLO and mineral spirits. After closing the can, place the two clamping boards on the top and bottom of the can and put 4 clamps equally around the outside of the can. This is the tricky part, BE CAREFUL PRESSURIZING THE CAN. DIFFERENT COMPRESSORS HAVE DIFFERENT CAPABILITIES AND THEY CAN WORK QUICKLY. Don't screw this up or there could be a HUGE mess or worse. I raise the pressure to no more than 25psi and let them sit for 20 min or so. After they have sat and pressurized, slowly release the pressure THROUGH THE STEM. Unclamp and hang to drip. The plugs will wick out the BLO for a few hours and will need to be wiped down regularly (hour long intervals) for a few hours. After a week of dry time you will have 100% waterproof plugs. I left mine in a bucket for weeks with no issues. Be careful with the linseed oil rags as they can be a very serious fire hazard. I hope if you try it, you have the same great results that I did. Please forgive the lack of pix but I can't work this stupid thing.
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