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Default Required Reading

Chasing reports is yesterdays fish.

Question: Like What kind of structure were they found in etc.????

While structure is important to stripers its not nearly as important as the presence of bait. All fish relate one way or another to structure, shelter or cover. They use it for protection from predators, to escape from direct sunlight, for feeding and, in some cases, for spawning.
Find the bait and you will find the fish. The striped bass is the predator and uses structure to hunt.
Structure is defined as any disruption in the bottom. It can be many things. docks, rocks, pilings, piers, wood, shadows, drop offs, eddies, sand bars, downed trees, bridge abutments any change in the contour of the beach or bottom. A cove, inlet, outflows, washouts, all places to look for fish. Even a little creek bringing rain water into another water body is a good place to look for fish. The tiniest of bugs are washed down and the food chain soon follows the food.
Look for moving water and bait. Thats the key. Find the bait and match the hatch or chunk a bunker head , or cast and retrieve live eels somewhere where you have had success in the past and put your time in.

Question : You could at least say where they are on the trip south
Or will everybody wait until they are gone????

There are some 60 million fish migrating from as far North as the St. Johns River in Nova scotia to their wintering grounds off of Cape hattaras North Carolina. They move as the days get shorter and the water temperature gets colder during the moon tides. Cold fronts will move the mullett, peanut bunker, spearing and sand eels out of the back bays and the bass will follow. They show up in waves and large schools, sometimes incredible amounts of fish move together. This will happen throughout the fall and there is no precise time or location. Water temperature, bait and daylight or some of the factors involved.

Start here.
There is a ton of information in the Sweetwater and Hybrid forums for perusal as well.
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