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Default fished Brookville?

LIttle Casino,
I've been to Brookville a few times in the past, mostly water ski and jet ski. (don't mean to be cursing here on the site! )
I'm in the weighing out the cost mode for buying KY and IN non-res licenses, I could see the benefit, but not sure how much "want to fish" and reality will allow.
Focus for wipers is East Fork Lake, and the Little Miami River, both of which have 15# + wipers in them, any day now! :)
Water from EF below spillway is 50-52 degrees, on headwaters I was recording 54-56 from transducer on yak.
This latest storm brought warmer rain with it, I think. I'm going paddling and trolling later this afternoon/evening, I'll let you know what comes of it.
God Bless,
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