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Hey Little Casino!
I read your post, thanks for the great info, one of my goals this year is to get a fix on East Fork Lake in Clermont Co. OH, just east of Cincinnati, OH.
You're close, maybe you can shed some light on what happened this evening on the Little Miami River, which the East Fork of the Little Miami dumps into, the LMR then dumps into Ohio River just upstream from Downtown Cincy.
I was fishing a smithwick minnow, caught a smallie (was hoping hybrids were coming up river, but smallie cancelled "skunk" :))
I then snagged a huge shad, close to 8". I've never seen a shad that big.
Had black dot behing eyes/gills, so I'm assuming it was large shad.
My question would be, with such large shad, does it make sense there are hybrids big enough to eat this sucker? I haven't actually seen any smaller shad running up river yet, but they must be deeper.
Any help is appreciated!
Nu2Stripers aka LittleMiamiJeff on
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