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Default Re: striper fall run not so good

Back in the 90's when I started to fish I worked the bay areas close to my dock. I have a small bridge close to my house I worked that area day and night till I knew when and where those fish were and when the bite is on. I also started working the Moriches Bay Areas mostly 8' or less of water.
1oz or 1.5oz White Bucktail was my best friend with red uncle Josh trailer. Also Diamond Jigs 007's with White or green tubes.
I found that at certian parts of my bay at certain tides the fish were there for the taken.
Here's a MUST do. Write every thing down Including FAILURES NO FISH days and you will see a pattern that will develop over time. Why write down your failures so you don't repete them...
Find out who's catching in your area try and find out what he's catching with? Is it live bait that usually works or is it some type of lure, top water plug, buck tail, storm shad what ever and try that.
There's no substutie for putting your time in
everyone strikes out sooner or later
you have to keep going back
sometimes I feel like Charlie Brown
the next day I'm nailing a 30 lbs in the same spot ???
Just keep trying
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