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Default Re: striper fall run not so good

any new boater who's leary of venturing out to deep water at night is not a failure or punk but has to learn to be confident and safe. you must fish at night.
if you cannot find live eels then catch them yourself.'
don't go venturing out blind... find where you'd find eels and you'll find bass. nine inch slug-go's on a jig and or hogy's and other jigs are also a must as well as swimming plugs and needles. there are always delapidated wood pilings in and around the beaches and inlets as well as eel grass in small pockets, fish hide behind these pilings for two reasons. one is to avoid fighting current and two, looking for eels to swim by or around so as to ambush. this time of year it is a given that they will be at these locations on a regular basis at night. most guys will drive way out into deep water and fish as that's where they are in the places they frequent most. but for the guy who's limited in mobility or frozen in fear? inshore fishing is hard but doable. stealth and tact become paramount. luring a fish out of it's lair or safety is hard and takes some time to work. if your noisy/clumsy/need lights/don't take smell into account when using plugs and jigs/ you can kiss your chances goodbye. chuck a jig or eel under the piling and allow it to fall next to and allow line out when doing so as the jig will just cantilever back towards you and not reach the strike zone. work a pier or set of pilings and see what happens. most big fish will hunt at three to five o'clock in the morning. don't go fishing for small potato's in the daytime. it's not real bass fishing. make your last efforts of the season count. you may also throw bunker heads in these areas. but big swimming plugs and eels will be what works best.

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