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Default Re: Got A Limerick ?

1)down in alabama where the miners shoveled coal
one miner shoveled it up another miners hole.

They took him to the hospital where he breathed his last.
He died of constipation with a shovel up his ass.

2)There once was a man from mo-pass
who had balls made of fine brass

in stormy weather they'd clang together
and sparks would fly out of his ass.

3)There once was a vampire named mable
who's periods were very unstable

one night on a fullmoon
she took out a spoon

and ate herself out on the table.

4)there once was a fisherman named rob
who's goal was to catch a hog

he took out his pole
at the isle of shoals

and without any luck
it started to suck

i'm going home...f*** it
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