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Default Re: The 10th Hudson River Fishermen's Association Annual Surf Fishing Tournament

Hey guys, this is one of our larger prizes for the surf tournament. A custom made surf fishing pole by Joe Miani. The description is below.

The rod is a custom made eleven foot one-piece surf spin rod. It is built on the Lamiglas GSB132 1M blank. The rod is contructed with Fuji black frame Alconite ceramic ring guides specifically designed to handle all monofilament and braided lines. The handle is built with a Fuji deluxe reel seat and the actual grip material is a navy blue diamond pattern over a powder blue heat shrink rubber tubing; to compliment the handle the guides are wrapped in metallic navy blue over pearlescent white metallic thread. This is a truly one-of-a-kind custom rod. It is finished with three coats of epoxy and is adorned with the HRFA club logo. The equivalent factory Lamiglas rod is an XS111MS graphite surf & jetty rod. It will comfortably handle up to eight ounces (with bait) or lures in the 2-5oz range (for plugging). The factory specifications set the line rating at a maximum of 40lb test; but most of the people that use this blank are fishing with Power Pro in the range of 30# test (for plugging) to 50# test for bait fishing, or mono in the 15#-25# test range. This rod will accomodate just about any full size surf reel ( a normal 2.25"-3.00" spool lip diameter) but the matching reel should weigh at least 20ozs. to balance the rod weight and length.
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