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yea, tim was out of the loop a long time. story was he was never jealous of the brother either. just had to come full circle. when you have pedigree like that it is enough to get right back into the swing of things. the sport is riddled with rags to riches stories of men and women who had spit and now reap the rewards of thier contributions. like the owners of bt's./ i read how they tied 20 dozen fly;s to get gas and were river rovers. all that experience pays off. just sorry i brought it up as i know you don't like thinking of it. but man are you ever right that that would definately been the life he would have deserved and was cheated out of. i will pm my phone # ps. i got the hair. WTF??? i won;t have the time in this century to tie enough fly;s with that/. some deal on it as if we could come up with a pattern that is good enough to sell would be great but i never gave that any consideration as i just tie mediocre patterns and fish when i can. (i made some quick teasers out of it for montauk so it is handy jim. thank you kindly) talk tomorrow, zim

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