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Default Re: Freshwater Fatties of 2009....

Despite a 30 so degree temp drop overnight with winds out of the north at 10-15 went back to the river with our older son 1/24. Didn't have high hopes on the back side of such a hard front but we've been trying to get out together for quite a while so we just said the heck with it and went anyway.

Got baits in the water around 11 . About 1:15 or so as we were working our way along the structure that I fished on Thursday the bait behind the front board got nailed....took a little drag and came unbuttoned. Reeled in to rebait and as we were preparing to stick the fresh bait the bait on the back board got smacked. It was this 30 lb'er.

Circled back around to make another soon as the baits got into the area the first two hits came from the bait on the back board got nailed. My son grabbed the rod and started to fight the fish...about then the bait on the front board got eaten. Then the fish my son had on came unbuttoned. Boated the other was this spunky 22 lb'er.

Made a couple more passes before we got hit again. Pretty much the same scenario....the baits got into this one little area...bait on the back board got eaten....I just kept working the boat along the structure while my son fought the fish...then the bait on the front board got eaten. Ran and grabbed the a few seconds the fish was off. Turned out the main hook had turned back into the bait and the stinger just missed 'em. Boated the fish my son had was a 21 lb fish.

Considering it was on the back side of a hard cold front, we had north winds and the air temp never made it out of the 30's not a bad day at all! Basically 4.5 hrs of striper fishing in definitely sub-par conditions and 3 20+ lb fish in the boat.
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