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Red face Fishin the Cumberland at Stone's River - Nashville, TN

Hey guys. I'm not really new to fishing but I am to the point where I'm tired of trying without some experienced advice. :) I love to fish for anything that will put up a hint of a fight but fell in love with Stripers under the bridge at Langford's Cove. The buggers were small but I'd stay up all night to play with them.
Anyway. I've caught a few small ones out on the Cumberland River between the Old Hickory bridge and Stone's (Stoner's) River. I know that the big ones are down deep and the depth of the river ranges from 22 feet to 38 feet. My first question is how do I get down that low? I'm only used to using spinner baits or the old worm, hook and bobber. I'm not advanced enough to know a lot of the jargon so please go easy on me.
Anyone from around here or anywhere who can help? Good advice in laymen's terms is most appreciated.
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