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Default Starting issues Mercruiser 2008 4.3L


I have a 2008 4.3L Mercruiser in a Maxum 1800. The past 3-4 years we have been having trouble with either the boat having a lot of difficulty starting up, and then occasionally, dying when slowing to idle. Both instances it takes about 45-60 seconds of cranking before the engine will turn over. Sometimes I am about to give up and then try it one last time and it will start up and run fine for the rest of the day.

I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with this engine? Where is the best place to start? My intuition is thinking to start with these:
  • Battery: check if there is enough CCA (though it's a 2014)
  • Carbuerator: needs to be cleaned? I don't believe it has been cleaned, we just winterize it each year.
  • Gas: We don't add stabilizer except over the winter, and it is usually ethanol 10%. I just bought 32oz of sta-bil marine. It is harder to start with older gas, but we have problems after recent fill-up's too.
Anyone have any tips?

Thanks in advance.
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