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Default Re: Cheating scandal at U.S. Open rocks bass-fishing community

Apparantly the guys kid joined the ensuing comment fray here defending her cheat of a dad and got crucified by the peanut gallery.
Heres a sample of the comments. There are some 6 pages of it.

Posted by bassin bob August 6, 2010 08:17pm PDT
"I will say this, my daughter would defend me if I was caught cheating, she would defend me by changing her name, and never wanting to be affiliated with me again. It does not matter if Ash is 15 or 17 or 23, it is very obvious she is developmentally challenged, did not one of you people notice this? She is reacting as any developmentally challenged child would she may be 15 or 17 but it is obvious she is challenged, be it Down's Syndrome, or just mild retardation. Beat up on her scumbag, cheating, lying, no good, piece of excrement male biological donor, as a father is more than a sperm donor, and he should not be allowed to be listed in the ranks of Fathers. A Father raises his children with love, and morals, and takes an active role in their education and upbringing, a Father would never sit idly by and allow a child to get to the age of 15/17 without a basic education.
It is not Ash's fault, if she is NOT mentally challenged it is a simple testament to Mike Hart's total disregard of her education, and her future wellbeing. there is no way he has prepared her for a life on her own, and now that he has no way to earn a living as he will never make a penny fishing again, and it is doubtful he can find any type of employment as no self respecting employer would hire someone like this lowlife scumbag. I have seen posts saying basically let him without sin cast the first stone. I can honestly say in my 49 years I have NEVER cheated at any sport, or at any game. Hart I also want to say you had better stay away from the Poker tables too. I have met this scum myself at a few different tournaments although I have not had the honor of being able to compete, and I will reiterate, if I ever have the displeasure of meeting him again I will spit in his eye and will tear off Sparx's arm and beat him with it until he wishes he was a Bass with a lead weight shoved down it's throat!!!"
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