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Default Re: Ohio River Hybrid Bass Stocking info

I have a copy of the INDNR wiper stocking and striper stocking statistics going back ten years, and we never stock the Ohio River, probably, as observed, we border the river but don't really landed interests in the river. We can fish the river without a KY license or an OH license because we have reciprocal agreements with those states. In the news, however, every few years the DNR from one of the states writes a citation to a fisherman from one of the other states, and for that season a war is waged. Then the legislators get involved, things cool down as they now are, and we go back to our mutual agreements.

I think another reason we don't stock the Ohio is that we do stock Brookville and Patoka with stripers, and both of those lakes are heavily fished by OH and KY fishermen.

I left the stocking statistics at work, but will post them as soon and I can get the statistics and a computer in the same room together.
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