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Default Re: were do the river hybrids go after there spring&fall run

Welcome aboard, Corey. I fish wipers a lot, but never in moving water. In lakes they can be fished sucessfully from early March through November or December, then they disappear for the winter. I don't know where they go. In the summer in lakes they are most active mornings and evenings, but they tend to stay in deep. cool water during the heat of the day. One guy I know who fishes wipers on the Ohio said they tend to mass up in deeper pools below the dams during the summer months. Good luck with your quest. You will not have an easy time of it, though. Wipers might just be the best kept secret in the fish kingdom, and since they are relative newcomers, there is a lot of speculation out there, but not much hard fact. You might take a look at the Indiana DNR site. They tracked lake wipers this past summer and posted their trackings. They appeared to stay toward the middle of the lake during the hot months.
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