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Default Re: were do the river hybrids go after there spring&fall run

Hi Corey Welcome to the world of stripers and hybrids.
Your life will never be the same.
I fish mostly salt water so Im of limited assistance. I'll move this post to the hybrid forum.
Hybrids can tolerate temperature extremes much better than its larger cousin. It likes to roam in open water and like other fish will seek out the thermocline. (do a forum search on that). It will also follow bait and feed on the flats early and late. The fish can suspend at different depths. Sometimes the most important thing can be to find out how deep they are holding.
Read as much as you can from some very good hybrid fishermen and study their posts. Baits, lures, presentations, targeted areas and such. Also have a look at the radio telemetry study from Indianas Monroe lake.
Many of the big rivers are dammed so each place is different. Tailwaters are a place were fish often congregate.
Consider hiring a guide for the day with a few friends. Pay attention to techniques and ask questions. You can find a guide by asking at your local tackle shop. Its well worth the money from what you can learn in an outing.

Btw The Ohio Division of fish and game stocks both varieties of hybrids. A female striper and a male white Bass and its reciprical a female white and a male striper. The fish stocked in the Ohio river pools are mostly recipricals and many of them make there way to Kentucky. The southeast Border in Beaver county also has plenty of fish stocked by Pa and Ohio.
Chicken livers are recommended in the summer.
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