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LMAO I hear yah.. the barometer is only a small part of the equation eh? you can have the worst conditions going and have bait come out of nowhere, fish flopping all around, the works.. bright sunny day, noon time..

read an article written by a fisheries biologist that stated that low pressure is what aggrevates fishes.. and a high BP stimulates activity... based upon the fact that low BP makes their bladder expand, which it must, if the pressure within the bladder is constant... pushes against their guts making them uncomfortable.. (fish cramps) and a high BP releaves this and makes them more active.... but for the most part a stable BP gives them time to adjust to conditions and feel comfortable enough to feed and be active...

makes you wonder how that fish feels that you jig off the bottom at forty feet and haul to the surface... must have the ol' cramps big-time... no wonder they most often scream right back to the deep.. but then again I've scanned holes that deep with fish recorded on the bottom and have them come flying up to hit a popper on the surface... makes you go HMMM to any theory out there eh?....

have noticed this year too that the deep jiggin bite is much better during high BP .. and like you say during low BP more active in shallows and or near the surface...

one instance that really stuck out was when I took Jonny and Ian out in the kenny... we had a good consistant bite in the AM between say 6:00am and 8:00am then a lull to about 11:00am and the bite picked back up to about 2:00pm ... then was just kind of slow til we quit... I dropped them off at the dock and went back out for an hour or so and caught 7-8 more fish then left.... when I got home did my usual check of the history BP graph and sure as hell... BP was bottomed out early then between 6-8 it had come up off bottom ran flat for 2 hours shot up some more, flat-lined between 11-2, shot up some more then was flat afer 5 or so ... it really blew me away... weather front was moving thru that morning and was gone by day's end... the morning bite was when ian landed the striper that's in the photo on your lead page.... the one with jonny going OOOOO!

lol that was a fun day.... broke in the new boat that day.... jonny drew first blood..LOL
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