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247, interesting read, and it is somewhat true to my observations as well... fish are generally more consistantly active during stable barometric conditions.. what I've found is that whether one is fishing deep or shallow, if the barom is ripping in either direction the bite slows to a crawl.. if I had a choice of fishing a riser or a faller, I'd definately rather fish the faller especially a slow faller.. and you do get the bite spirts as the barom 'starts' to fall .. but when it's free-falling things slow..

for the most consistant bite, one you can plan on, it's the flat-line barom that wins...

I have even noted in day-long trips, what hours were best for consistant bite... gone back and looked at the history chart, and sure enough, 95% of the time it was during a flat-line period...

there are of coarse many other factors that can turn on, or off the bite, like bait driven flurries, or tide driven flurries..

But too many times it would happen in a single spot, during a consistant tidal flow, with bait available the entire time.. those were the best tests for the theory...

now all I need is a barometric stability forecast..... instead of a history graph... :roll: .. even if you had a real-time super-sensitive barometer on board it aint gonna help... but what the heck, that's why I fish all day... to catch the spirts.. :D

and hey if fishing was easy, it wouldn't be near as fun..
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