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Stripers emailed out the following comment on James Allens article about salisbury poachers in its newsletter.

Stripers Forever members -

One of problems with a legal commercial striped bass fishery of any size
is the cover that it provides for an illegal one. While commercial
fishing cheerleaders on the ASMFC make zero allowance for the black market
catch of striped bass, every regular bass angler knows that it exists, and
in a big way. The following article is just more proof of the illegal
A few months ago Stripers Forever commented negatively on Massachusetts
proposal to allow the sale of small wild stripers in Massachusetts. It is
certainly bad enough that small wild bass are legally taken commercially
anywhere, but to allow their importation into a state like Massachusetts -
where the minimum recreational fish is 28" - just makes it easier for
restaurants or fish dealers to market stripers that were taken illegally
from within their own state waters.
Stripers Forever is putting the finishing touches on a version of our now
well-known and highly-regarded Southwick Study that will be specific to
just the state of Massachusetts, the state with the largest coastal
commercial quota. It will show that the continuing a commercial striper
fishery in Massachusetts will cost that state many millions of dollars in
unrealized economic activity, and several thousand year round jobs. It's
a lot to give up to allow a comparative handful of guys to fuel up their
boats and beach buggies with the proceeds from the bass they sell during a few weeks each summer.
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