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Default Re: Good bow for a good price?

I'm a bow hunter, a lot of good brands out there. I personally shoot a Mathews, but you also have pse, bear, Hoyt, and a host of others. You want a single cam bow so there's no tuning of the limbs. If you're hunting from a blind or a tree stand length is a consideration. Don't be fooled by thinking some of the small looking bows are any less lethal to the critters. I hunt bears up here in north central maine with a 31 inch bow that maxes out at 70 lbs. but I only have it set for 58. Arrow speed is what you should focus on, not size or poundage. Over a certain speed in worthless unless you're hunting wide open spaces, or on a 3d course.
Most bow shots are under 30 yds. On average due to the tree canopy and ground brush. I'm an adrenaline junky when it comes to the bears. My typical stand placement is rarely over 10 yds from the bait site and I can say without a doubt that at 58 lbs and under 300 ft per second arrows will pass through 450 lb bear. I have a couple of real honkers on the wall to prove it, one being a past state record. So choose carefully and make sure u get what will get the job done for ya and not what may sound like the deal of the century. Feel free to get back to me if u need any info.
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