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I'm glad to see the Lowell Sun has reported on this. Perhaps it will send a message to the few in the Lowell community commiting these crimes and that these criminal acts will not be tolerated and will be dealt with.

I searched the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune for any related stories, specifically the one relayed by the Lowell Sun about the two Lawrence people who were caught twice poaching stripers. Since I didn't find anything, I wrote a small blurb to their "Sound-off" section. Here's what I wrote.

To the Eagle-Tribune
Recently there was an article in a Salisbury newspaper and again in the Lowell Sun concerning poachers of Striped Bass. 14 people all-residing in Lowell committed the most recent offence. The Lowell Sun article also conveyed a previous offense perpetrated by two Lawrence men. The article goes on to report that many of the offenders are from the Lowell and Lawrence areas. I applaud the Lowell Sun for reporting these injustices. I have searched your web site and have not seen any related stories. I'm hoping that I just missed it.

It's important that the public be made aware of these crimes so that more people, not just other fishermen, can aid the game wardens in controlling these criminal acts. More specifically, I'm writing to your newspaper because we the public need you to send a message to the poachers in the community you service. The message being the perpetrators of these criminal acts will not be tolerated. That the public is watching and that offenders will be reported and dealt with.
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