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One of my earliest fishing memories comes from the fight of a bluefish.

My father had gotten a boat when I was 4 or 5 years old. We used to head out into Moriches Bay each weekend for some fishing, swimming and picnics on the beach.

This was all before depth finders and GPS and whatever other electronics you boat guys use. My father had what he called "the hole" that he found just by fishing.My idea ( back then) was that we were dropping our bucktails and squid into what I envisioned as a well. Not what I now realize as a depression in the bay bottom. When things weren't working at the usual spots we would head to "the hole".

Back then, late '70's early '80's, it was all fluke, all the time. Well maybe some blackfishing, crabbing and sea bass as well. I don't remember seeing a blue unless it was a snapper before this.

Well we get to "the hole" and dropped down looking for fluke. We always had quite a few of them but when I got a hit like never before, it scared me half to death. Those of you that know me know that I am not the largest guy around, when I was a kid I was just a runt.

Well, this fish hit like a ton of bricks. It just about pulled me overboard a few times during the fight but my Dad had a hold of me just in case. He did not assist me in anyway and it took quite a while to pull this fish in. As it came up, I was amazed at the size and ferocity of it. When it hit the deck I was on the bow. After my father tamed it (blackjack) I checked it out. Yellow eyes and a maw full of razors. It was only eight pounds but that was huge in my eyes.

The other night I had a bunch of big blues and my arms are still aching. I will never forsake catching a bluefish, mostly due to my fathers teachings of respecting the sea.
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