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Hey Rich keep up the great and informative posts. Unfortunately I missed out on the run of gorilla blues from earlier this year. I'm still very new to surfcasting and this was my first spring season. I was too busy concentrating on figuring out the bays(not even close on that) I just wasn't in the right place at the right time. Hopefully I'll be ready next year.

Since I don't have a beach buggy I walk wherever I fish. That rules out carrying coolers and ice etc. Whenever I catch a blue and I'm gonna keep fishing for a while, I just bury it in wet sand. I also always bleed any fish I catch. I've never had a problem with the meat going bad. Also I agree the dark meat must be removed. I had one recently that was probably around 2-3 lbs. Cooked with some grape tomatoes and capers on a bed of mashed potatoes. Fantastic.

And I hear you about striper numbers. I was a complete newbie last year and by this time I had already caught a keeper striper. I have yet to catch a keeper striper this year. Maybe I had beginners luck last year lol.
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