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Default Re: In Praise of Bluefish

Great pic Chef, now that's what I'm talking about!!!

Zeno Hromin posted a video on his Surfcasters Journal blog this spring of a couple guys catching big blues. It looked like it was shot on Long Islands north shore (no waves and shallow water), but I don't know for sure where it was. What was amazing was that one of the guys looked like he was skipping a pencil popper (no hooks) over the top of the water at high speed and this one bluefish was absolutely ripping through the water trying to get at it. The whole retrieve was caught on video. Gotta love the spirit of Bluefish, they just don't take no for an answer LOL.

Hi acrylic, glad to see you over here. As far as eating bluefish, they are a lot better eating than people realize, particularly the smaller 2 lb'ers. The trick with them is to bring a cooler with a broken up block of ice. Put seawater in it, so you get this seawater slush. The temp will actually drop below freezing.

As soon as you catch the bluefish, bleed it and stuff it into the seawater slush. You really don't even have to bleed it this way, but it can't hurt. When you fillet it, the flesh will be firm, and after you fillet it, give it a quick wash in the ice brine. I cut out the dark nerve meat down the center skin side, steam in white wine, butter, and a healthy dose of Great South Bay Seasoning and serve it to people who swear they hate eating bluefish.

After listening to how much they love this "fish", it's always funny to watch the look on their faces when I tell them it's bluefish LOL.

Thanks guys, for your contributions. Nap time now, late tide tonight LOL.
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