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A great fisherman of any species is first and formost one that loves the resource and treats it as such. Secondly is a person that engages in self discovery every time he/she is on the water and analizes the environment that they are either catching or not catching fish in. One that accumulates this information and employs it on future trips. Also must be a person that no matter how many big fish they catch or have caught, how many places or things they have tried are still HUMBLE enough to learn new things from other fisherman and share what they have learned with others. And at the end of the day be a person that can go out and fish hard all day and night, get absolutely skunked and still be convinced that spending that time out there getting skunked was absolutely the best thing they could have done with their time. That in my book is a good striped bass fisherman! PS: one common denominator among most of the guys I would call really great fisherman that devote most of their time to a single species is that they keep a log or diary of their outings. It is amazing how much you can put together a puzzle by looking back accurately over the course of several years or even decades :) Just my 2cents, good thread Roc
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