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Hey Dobb,

The stripers here in rhode island have to be 28" to keep.....

Its hard in the peek of the season to catch one smaller than that.

I'd like to think of myself, as the Master of removing lodged hooks, quickly and efficiently. I also put down the rod and take the time to nurse that striper back to health in the water. Most hooks that are caught in the throat, can be removed quickly with a little practice. First you take your pliers and remove the bait...this is only in your way. next you'll grab hold of the hook with a firm grip and push the hook in further...or so it would seem. the hook should come right out and you must still be careful not to hook it again on the way out. Instead of cutting my hook and letting her swim off with it in her throat to fester later....if all else fails i will cut the small peice of throat that the hook is caught on.. i'd rather the fish have a little cut to heal then have to wait for a hook to rot out.

90% of the time i fish...its after midnight. and most likely, i fish until the sun comes up. to me, thats when the big ones hit....rain or shine.

:twisted: craig aka briggs :twisted:

aka surfcastermaster

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