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Geesh Rock...i'd hate to be put on the spot like that. sounds like you did ok though.

To be a good striper fisherman...... First of all, you must accept the fact that your not going to catch them everytime you go out. It takes hard work, alot of stamina, and the ability to adapt to your surroundings, or should i say, the stripers surroundings. The avid Striper fisherperson needs to be ready for anything. as everyone learns, its not smart to go out with one rod and one me your just asking for trouble. You must learn your area that your fishing out during the day and check the formations, current directions, and accessibility to the spot. You must be ready to put hour after hour in when your fishing. you cant just walk down and catch a striper....the stripers will laugh at you. a good striper fisherperson needs to have way to much equipment on him. what you dont'll need (murphy's law). a fisherman needs to accept the fact that he will never know Everything there is to know about stripers....just when you think you do know everything, the stripers will surprize you. for togs with crabs and come up with a 30" striper..SURPRIZE !!! a good striper fisherman needs to listen to others and learn. he or she will try new things and new ways to fish. a good fisherman will know his or her knots by heart. you should be able to tie knots in the dark. You should be able to work the equipment your fishing with. become one with your rod and reel, as its an extension of yourself. a good striper fisherman will know what biting when it hits....he will also know what he's pulling in by the fight it gives. a good striperfisherman will never kick a fish back into the water. he will never belittle his fellow fisherman for what he or she catches...its all good. Teach when it needs to be taught. help when someone needs to be helped. Always reel in when someone else has a fish on. when you take someone fishing with you...give up that will still be there when you go back. a good striper fisherman will know the tides and when its best to go where he fishes. a good striper fisherman will always open doors and pull out chairs for women. a good striper fisherman will always use his directional. a good striper fisherman will respect his surroundings by picking up his trash AND the trash of others when possible. a good striper fisherman looks around for a second to enjoy where he's fishing. a good striper fisherman always knows when to shut the hell up............

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