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Default What makes a good striped bass fisherman

After concluding a "how to" seminar at a local rod and gun club last year,I concluded with a Q&A session,a eager young angler in the room asked"what makes a good striped bass fisherman?" seeing as I had just done a 1 1/2 hour long presentation on live bait and wire line fishing,, I was taken by surprise and had to think about it for a few seconds,here is the just of my reply:

In my opinion,a good striper fisherman has an unabated love for striped bass and anything to do with them,he must think about them as a resource to be shared with others and future generations,he(or she,I dont want to leave the gals out here)must put in time studying their habits and how they change with the seasons,he(or she)should share his(or her) findings with others,this is a good way to expand knowledge,not necessarily where he(or she) fishes but tactics etc.,I told him that a good striped bass fisherman fishes whenever he(or she) can,adapts to local situations,changes his or her tactics to suit conditions at that time,a good striped bass fisherman will persist when others give up.
I told him that a good striped bass fisherman never stops learning....never ever!
A good striped bass fisherman does not look down at others that pursue fish of a less lofty status,and that the true measure of a good striped bass fisherman is a knack of always finding the fish,he (or she) may not always get the biggest or the most fish,that is up to the "lucky" fisherman,who more than likely will seldom repeat the act,,but the ability to find fish night after night season after season year after year is the true measure of a good striper fisherman...

This is not the whole "speech" but an abbreviated version,so,guys and gals,in your opinion... What makes a good striped bass fisherman?????

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