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Default Re: Albany Branch, Hudson River Chapter of S247

Originally Posted by goodl1982 View Post
went out saturday morn for 5 hrs and mon for 3 nothing i cant even catch herring with a sabiki rig. to make my self feel better i went and got myself a 10' ugly stik bigwater. not that i think this will improving my fishing luck. any recommendations for a reel that will pair up well? are there any that will work for braid and mono?

I recomend you pick up a Okuma 65 baitrunner. Ive had the avenger for close to 5 years now and i love it. Just clean it b4 and after the season. They go for around $60 if I remember correctly. WellIworth it. As for herring... The jig doesnt always fly. Have you tried a scap or gill net? When I get out at some redic hour b4 light I cant get them to follow my stoolie in so I have been throwing out 10-15' of my gill net. Just enough to get my poles in the water and a few in the live well for the morning bite. Tight lines to you.

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