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Default Re: Albany Branch, Hudson River Chapter of S247

Originally Posted by goodl1982 View Post
i did pick up a herring rig from conroys yesterday. am i supposed to bait the hooks? some guy told me to use little pieces of white paper? can i fish for herring and striper simultaneously w/o worrying about my 1 of my rods getting dragged in the water. also with the fish finder rig. dose the weight go to the bottom and bait float off the bottom the length of the leader? and last will the fish finder rig prevent the tangles i get using a 3 way swivel?
-Do not bait the Herring/Sabiki rig at all, they will hit it just the way it is.
Also make sure you only have 5 hooks on it (some come with 6) Here in
NY 5 is the max you can have ... i just cut the top one off mine.

-You can fish for both at the same time, you are allowed 2 lines/poles
in the water max. Make sure you set your drag real loose on the Striper
rod (i assume you do not have a bait runner reel) and you will be ok.

-The fish finder rig has a weight on you main line (either egg sinker or
slide to attach weight to), swivel, 3' leader (approx) and then your hook
with the bait. Better than the 3way swivel IMO

Hope this helps
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