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Default Re: Albany Branch, Hudson River Chapter of S247

Originally Posted by goodl1982 View Post
went out sat high tide from river bank by corning preserve barge using chunk salted herring bout 4' from surface not even hit. sunday walked down couple miles closer to green island bridge bout 8 am same set up skunked again i picked up some sand worms but after seeing them decided to stick to herring for the day. couple boats i saw at the launch said they had no luck either so i didn't feel as bad. im using braided line but someone told me i should be using monofil with ceramic eyelets is this true? 20lb test ok?

put your bait on the BOTTOM ....... with a fishfinder rig so it can run freely

braid or 20 lb test is fine. ... AND like Brian said go with a live herring... just get a sabiki rig and cast from shore and you'll catch em

there are tons of shore spots north of the preserve along the bike path .... all in prime fish waters
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