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Default anyone had a bite in cape may county area

I haven't been out in a few days but my last 2 trips were pretty preductive. 3 bass 28-34" one day and 1 28" on this past saterday. I was just wondering if anyone else has been out in the cape may county beaches or jettys and had any bites in the past few days. I am heading out thursday to cape may so I'll see whats up. The water temp is up to 53deg. so I hope the bite is even better. I also heard that the herring are up at the river bulkhead close by so I am hoping there is some baitfish around. Just looking to see what yall have been up to and if there has been any good bites around. Supposed to be a nice day tommorrow so I will sureley be putting in some hours depending on the tide. I actually had a good bite at corsons inlet at dead low slack tide. Got one fish but alot of clam stealing hits. Anyone interested in sharing there info on the bite let ne know. I am not looking for specific spots just a general report about the area. I will post back thursday evening and let yall know if I got some meat to take home. Happy fishin and tight lines. :twisted: :D :twisted:

P.S. all of my bites have been really lite so the rod is always in hand. Thay seem to just be playing around with so I let them run with the baitrunner until I feel they got a good hold then the fight is on. No action with plugs yet but I still enjoy pullin a nice top water over drowning clams but the clams have been producing.
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