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Coming out nice. Put some marine epoxy on the screw eye threads after paint. I've been working on some darters as well. I have 2 designs in the works. One that Gunny and I test swam, a prototype of, a few weeks ago and another that is going into sealer tomorrow. Both use a through wire. I found that making a small jig is the best way to cut the angles. It's a trick Roccus showed me. Jigs are your friend for repeatable results. I also found that I started thinking about making Darters over a year ago. It took a while to get to something I thought might work. I did have many that ended up as kindling. Check out It gave me the inspiration for one of the designs, that I modified for through wire. Drill through and then drill, at a steep angle through the head until you hit the through wire hole. Fill the first through hole with wood filler and sand. I also moved the front hook back slightly so I wouldn't bore through the head when putting in the swivel hole. There's not much room, so feel for when you break into the through hole and then take it really easy. If you use 2 hooks, keeping them 3 inches apart from each other seems to work well. From what I've seen of your work, you will figure it out. You are definitely smarter than your average 13 year old. Have fun with it, and don't be afraid to experiment.

BTW, the inspiration for the second design came from Roccus. I'll post when they come out of paint, and then again when they have cow stripers attached to the front hook....
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