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Default Some more stuff

Hey guys,
Havent stopped in in a long while! Heres some of my new stuff!
handcarved cottton cordell wood o replica handcarve. Handcarved gills, mouth and fins

heres 2 bunker a 40s, I made 3

Heres the pink to gold transition

small bunker pikie with handcarved gills and fins

1 of 3 huge 11 in slow sinker needles. sinks flat. Also a jointed swimmer and smaller needles all have the water drop effect

im also Working on wadd needles, turned drilled sealed primed 20

heres 1 of the wadds done. this just got e texed after the pic. Came great!

1.3 oz handcarved bomber, swims pissa

heres a ittle handcarve for aprils back bays by M

heres the gills

Heres a Mahi surfster i won a skippy plug with, Ignore the line ties. Was trying to be innovaive with something but ended up taking them out. Handcarved fins and gills

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