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Default Re: Spinning Gear Tips

Hi Jeff,
It's not going to be as big of an issue with most braided line as it is with mono. The problem with putting the spool on a pencil when loading is that each turn of the spinning reel puts a twist in the line. The best way to load braided line that I've tried is to set the spool down in a bucket of water, usually label side up, and crank it on wet. After 15 or 20 cranks of the handle, allow some slack in the line and see if it twists up,,, if it does, flip the spool over. You want the line to coil onto the reel the same way that it is on the spool. 'Wet packing' your reel will result in a much tighter load. Also, when loading braided lines, be sure to use a bit of mono backing under it to help grip the spool better. Braid spooled directly on the slick spool can slip when under strain.
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