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You will certainly like that reel. I haven't had much experience with Reddington fly rods. I do have a casting rod made by them that I really like for the money it cost. The one Reddington fly rod I casted I didn't like, because it was too slow for me. Its hard to tell what rod one person will like over another, because we all have different strengths and casting styles. Some really great fly casters may not like my rods due to speed. As far as quality goes, I think Reddington makes a fairly quality product, not the best, but certainly not the worst. I would say you would be fine with a rod of that quality if you are just starting out. The reel should last you a very long time if you take care of it. As far as line goes, I was a cortland fan for years, they came out with the 555 and I immediately got a hold of two spools of it and threw it on my spools. I fished it for half a year, and it is back in the boxes in my basement. Worse line I have ever used at any price point, my 555 floating is actually delaminating after only minimal use. Now I mix between Cortlands 444 which I still love, and lately I have been buying RIO products that I really like. As far as backing goes, 20 lb dacron is fine. any of the gel-spun or smaller diameter stuff is just a waste, that reel will hold 150 yards of backing. If there is anyone here that has gotten 150 yards in to their backing fighting a striper I would be amazed. I certainly have not. Not even half of that. I actually bought a MA IV last year to put on my 9wt and the salesman told me it was too small for stripers, I asked him how much backing the IV holds, he said only 125 yards. I asked if he has ever had a striper in to more then 25 yards of backing. then I mentioned where I normally fish for stripers and that if they got 200 yards of line and backing out on me they would be about 25 yards up on land on the opposite shore line. He laughed and then questioned why they ever sell a V to striper guys.
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