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Default Re: St. Croix rod selector

I’ve had several St. Croix. Currently, I have a 10’ and 12’ ST. Croix Surf Triumph, Mod-Fast, Medium action. Without a doubt it is one of the best and quietly affordable. I’ve used a bunch of others even a custom or two. Got rid of them all. These two are the only ones I use or need to. Graphite, light weight is a pleasure to hold without weighting you down. I match the roods with somewhat inexpensive reels frequently purchased on Ebay. My reels get a lot of use and take a lot of abuse sand, saltwater so I toss them every 3-4 months. This cost about $40-$50 a year. Which is about what I pay to have a couple of those ”better, name brand” reels maintained. Try the St. Croix ,although they sometimes hard to get. A lot of backorder. Go online direct to the company. They’re very help and will work with you to get the right stick. Did I mention they also have a five year warranty with (get this) a trade in buy back plan. Good luck…handerson22
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