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Default Re: St. Croix Triumph Rods

Originally Posted by carlbluehawk View Post
Has anyone on here used the St. Croix triumph rods? I am thinking of buying the 7' rod rated for 8-17 lb test and using a 4000 size reel loaded with Power Pro 20 lb test and using a 2 foot Flouro carbon leader. I plan on using this for tossing lures and eventually using out of my boat, (If i ever get it in the water.) I recently bought a Tsunami Five Star series, that is rated 1/2 -2 ounces , the same lure suggested for the St. Croix, but the Tsunami is stiffer and is rated 12-25 lb test line. It was 25 bucks. Thoughts on the St. Croix?
When you say a 4000 size reel do you mean like an ABU(casting)? If so you should know that the Triumph is only made as a spinning type rod. If you are using a spinning reel (or if it was me) I think you may like the Triumph. From folks I have talked and chatted with they say it's a great rod for the money. I have held the Triumph at a local store and even took it outside and whipped it around abit. I thought it was very nice and more than likely will be my choice for my next spinner. FYI also from what I hear you may want to stay away from the Lami Surf King, I have heard from quite a few folks that theirs had snapped even while using under rated conditions.
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