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Default Re: Fish Clubs in SC

Originally Posted by sarahusmc View Post
Hi everyone!

I am interested in learning about fishing clubs in SC. I was wondering if anyone on here would have any information they could share with me.

Thank you in advance!
Sarah, for lake murray.Clarks hill has one also but I am not sure of the web address.There's also some catfish clubs,peedeecatmasters is one I know of in SC.both midlands and the peedeecatmasters have monthly meetings,also catawba catfish and striper club,is a small group of guys(and gals) that put on some tournys on lake wateree and wylie,but dont have any meetings or a website.Plenty of green carp,I meant largemouth bass clubs,but I dont know any sites for them(I dont care to fish for them)I use to work with some guys that were lancaster bassmasters members,.hope this helps,,,sam
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