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Jonny...I've been out with them before...Macks, Cod and Blues...

They do a great job.... :)

I personally can get at least 5 or 10 people...

Heres the breakdown...(for all day)
20 ppl total=$70 each
30 ppl total=$46 each
40 ppl total=$35 each (max people they allow on the boat)

Im willing to organize this...I was thinking June or July...

...what I'll do is keep a running list so if you're sure you can go, post with your name and how many you will bring with you, not counting other Stripers247 members...(e.g. "BostonBoy + 1") and every once and a while I'll post my master list...

We'll talk money closer to the trip

This sounds like tons of fun :) I hope we can get a bunch of people...and I look foward to meeting you all :)
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